Top-10 poker player interviews

Last week, the poker world was buzzing about an interview that Joe Hachem did with Bluff Magazine at the Aussie Millions. I’ll have more on that later, but it got me thinking about some of the great interviews I’ve seen poker players do over the years, so I decided to put together a top-10 list of some of my favorites.

10. Freddy Deeb 2002 WPT Five Diamond Classic
This interview actually came during the first poker tournament I ever watched on television. I’ll never forget watching how frustrated Deeb was by Gus Hansen’s «any two cards» play, and his post-tournament interview taught me a lot about poker. At the time, I thought Deeb was so frustrated that he’d never want to play Hansen again. Instead, his reaction was «I would like to play this game against him every day if he plays like that. He could never beat me in the long run.»

I love the honesty of the statement, and I doubt you’d see many players be so blunt in a post-tournament interview now, more than 10 years later. See Deeb’s final hand and the post-tournament interview at about the 1:18:00 mark.

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