Priest demands apology after 30ft semi-naked woman projected onto church to promote strip poker night

The Northampton Chronicle & Echo in the U.K. reports that the parish priest at All Saints Church in Northampton has demanded an apology after a 30ft picture of a semi-naked Page 3 girl was projected onto the building Saturday night to promote a strip poker tournament at the Aspers Northampton Casino to promote its strip poker night on Valentine’s Day, for which 200 people have already signed up.

According to the Chronicle & Echo, Father David McConkey, parish priest at All Saints, said: “We are offended that this was done. No permission was sought or gained. We would be grateful for an apology for this misuse of a sacred space.”

The Chronicle & Echo report also quoted a woman, Ruth Campbell, who saw the image: «How disrespectful of the people behind this outrageous stunt. Not only is this distasteful but an attack on the church and our religion. I hope there are severe consequences for the people behind this.»

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