Thankful for online gambling community and gambling apps

Thanksgiving just passed and it’s always a time to look back and be thankful for the things we have.
When it comes to the casino I’m thankful for technology and the amazing community of gamblers online who have helped me become the smart player I am today.
Over the years a lot has changed with my approach to gambling. Now, when I go to a casino I know what I want, how to get it and play. I can hang out anywhere and brush up on my video poker skills with the WinPoker app on my iPhone and iPad.
WinPoker has helped turn me into a video poker player with 95%-97% accuracy. That’s a far cry from how I used to play. Not only has the app paid for itself with cash returns but I’ve gotten many more comps than ever before.
When I get to the casino I can now pull up on my phone to find the best machines wherever I am. The vpFREE2 database of video poker machines with the best returns is updated by a great community of video poker players. Besides sharing great information like this the vpFREE2 forums are helpful and encouraging.
I’m not sure why but when I play video poker I think about comps more than I do for any other game. It seems like many of the people who track comps play video poker.
This year I found the Vegas Message Board. The message boards have a lot of good information about Las Vegas but what really intrigues me is the material about comps and players clubs. I write about casinos, Las Vegas and Atlantic City so I know pretty much everything happening. I can’t say the same thing for players clubs and comps.
Most people don’t play at the same rate when visiting casinos so it’s great people are willing to share their experiences about comps and rewards they’ve received. It’s also great that the Vegas Message Board community is so willing to share their knowledge with new visitors. I’m thankful for this kind of gaming community.
Vegas Message Board isn’t the only forum or message board where people are willing to share their knowledge but they’re especially helpful for me when it comes to players clubs.
When it comes to gambling I’m thankful for smart people. There are some very smart people who specialize in certain aspects of gaming that I can’t. When I want to know correct odds or strategy for a casino game I’ll head to Michael Shackleford is able to do the math for craps, blackjack and even 3 Card Poker that provide information I can barely comprehend.
There has always been a great community of gamblers but technology has brought them all closer. Between websites, message boards and mobile devices it’s easier than ever to learn how to be a smart gambler.
Cheers to some big holiday wins in the casino!

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