Platinum Play Casino is Giving Away 30 Free Spins for Easter

Platinum Play Casino

Easter is the next big holiday coming up, and you can expect a lot of online casinos to be giving players promotions and specials for it. The idea of giving promotions around the time of major holidays makes a lot of sense. People tend to get extra time off of work and college around these times, so they have more free time to spend playing their favorite online casino games. This creates a bigger player pool for a short period of time, and this in turn creates more competition for those players between the online casino sites who have to give bigger promotions to get as many of those players as possible.
At Platinum Play Casino, players are going to be given a shot at a set of 30 free spins for Easter. Here’s how this offer works. You start off by going to the Platinum Play Facebook page, and you look in the Easter Egg Game Hunt posts on that page. The idea here is that you’re trying to figure out which game the hints are talking about. If you guess the game correctly by playing at it, then you’ll have a shot at 30 free spins on the new Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn video slot.
Platinum Play Casino
This promotion is going to run from April 15 through April 21. People who guess the game correctly will be put into a prize drawing. A number of players will win 30 free spins, but one lucky player will take home an Andrew James Chocolate Fountain. It’s tradition to give chocolate and other candy for Easter, so this chocolate fountain makes a lot of sense. Go hunting for clues in this Easter egg hunt-themed promotion and get your chance at a free boost to your bankroll and this awesome chocolate fountain before this promotion ends on April 21.
Platinum Play Casino is one of the most popular online casino sites running today. They have been a staple in the industry for several years, and their awesome reputation means that they have more players than the average site. Thanks to the Microgaming software, this online casino is able to provide players with new releases on a regular basis, and this includes the Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn video slot which has came out recently. Players can get a shot at 30 free spins on this title with this Easter promotion.
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