Spring Into April With Three Omni Casino Special Deals

There are three hot deals coming up this week at Omni Casino. These offers are going to give you a chance to add some major depth to your bankroll, and because there are three different ways to get paid, there are going to be offers that work for players at every level of stakes. No matter if you’re a high roller or a penny player, you’re going to be able to find a good deal this week that will help you to boost your bankroll and increase your chances of taking down some big prizes.
The first deal is available today on Monday, April 14. If you use the MARVEL bonus code, you’re going to get a 118 percent match bonus on your first deposit of the day. This requires your deposit to be worth at least $35 to qualify for this reload offer, and it will get you a maximum bonus of $118. This offer is in honor of the Marvel slots tournament that’s going on around this time, so check out more details on that if you’re a big slots fan. There’s a 25x play-through requirement on this offer on slots, keno, Asian games, and scratch cards.
Next up is a special offer on Tuesday, April 15. This bonus is atypical in that deposits at different levels will get you different percentage matches. If you deposit anywhere from $20 to $49, you’ll be given a 50 percent match. Deposits from $50 to $99 will be given a 100 percent match, and depositing $100 or more will get you a 150 percent match worth up to $150. The code for this is Tuesday122, and it’s only valid for your first deposit of the day. The play-through requirements and game restrictions are the same for the MARVEL code listed above.
Finally, on Thursday, April 17, Omni Casino is going to give you three spots at getting a $50 bonus. If you deposit $50 or more, then you’ll be given a flat $50 bonus. You can cash in on this offer up to three times for a total of up to $150 in bonuses. The promotional code for this offer is 82thursday, and it has the same play-through and game restrictions as both of the offers above. These three offers come together to give you a number of different opportunities to get nice offers at all deposit levels.

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