Poker Game Tutorial

Poker is a competitive card game between players. In this game, the dealer will not interfere with the game play; he will just deal the cards and pay winnings. The casinos or poker venues make money out of this game by taking a percent of the winnings or charging players with a fee. Of course, there are poker versions that have been adapted in order for them to become casino games where players play against the dealer who is representing the house or the casino but the original poker games that are widely known and played by millions of players are the competitive versions between players.There are different versions of Poker, they all share the same main concept, which is having a better poker hand and they also have the same poker hand ranking. The showdown will occur at the end where the remaining players will show their hands and a comparison will take place between the different hands & the highest poker hand in-play will be the winning hand. The things that are different are the dealing order, the betting system and the wagering rounds between the dealing procedures.

So in order to master the game of poker and understand the poker ranking, we provide you with this tutorial that will help you understand the game and its rules. This tutorial includes the history of the game, the rules, the odds and the strategy that will help you become a professional poker player.


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