Online Club Cash Games Launched by Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn offers recreational players an escape from the professionals
One of the top European poker rooms has launched a new exclusive propositions for its members. Dusk Till Dawn Poker, the sponsors of the International Stadium Poker Tournament, have bought out their room to help recreational players get away from the pros who are winning every week.

As such, it has been announced that all online poker tracking software has been banned. Instead, players will have to rely on their own smart strategies to win: Dusk Till Dawn wanted to narrow the gap between the professionals and the amateurs. The owner, Rob Yong, also took to his blog to urge other poker sites to pay attention to their market and follow his lead.

Yong also wants live chat to be moderated in the same way it would be in a live room, explaining: “We are a minnow and don’t have any delusions of grandeur to ever be anything more than a niche poker operator, focusing on giving live players the best possible poker experience.”

With their recent move to iPoker software, Dusk Till Dawn doesn’t currently have a mobile casino, but their online offering is pretty reliable. With a crack team of moderators keeping the peace, they have one of the more civilized poker games out there.

They also offer more than just poker, with their casino offering punters online blackjack, slots and roulette. As well as their online presence, they also offer a land based casino in Nottingham, UK, while the ISPT proved successful this year and will surely continue.

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