One year later, Lou Krieger still in my heart

“I believe in poker the way I believe in the American Dream. Poker is good for you. It enriches the soul, sharpens the intellect, heals the spirit, and – when played well, nourishes the wallet.” – Lou Krieger
It was just a year ago. Our poker world lost one of its brightest stars. Lou Krieger, probably the most prolific poker author to grace a poker table, died Dec. 5, 2012 after a battle with cancer.
Lou Krieger’s poker career started at age seven, when he first learned the game while standing at his father’s side during the weekly Thursday night game played on the Krieger kitchen table in the blue-collar Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood where his family lived. He was a natural as an athlete and a poker player, frequently playing in poker games during his high school and college years.
Krieger was the author of 11 best-selling poker books along with hundreds of columns and magazine articles about poker strategy. For many years, after being a columnist for CardPlayer magazine, he served as the editor of Poker Player Newspaper. Krieger also hosted a weekly radio poker talk show, “Keep Flopping Aces,” on Rounders Radio. You could also read his poker strategy articles at, for which he was a regular columnist.
Always a giving and caring person, I recall when he drove from his home in Palm Springs, Calif., to present a special seminar on Winning Poker Secrets at a local (L.A. area) casino that was hosting the Claude Pepper Seniors and CalVet Seniors poker groups. Several lucky attendees got complimentary copies of some of his books – signed by Lou himself!
Poker for dummies: The other day, I was reading a section in Lou Krieger’s book, “Poker for Dummies,” co-authored with Richard Harroch, and published in 2000. And, in his fond memory, I thought I should share his wise counsel with GT readers.
“What is the ‘best seat in the house’ when you are playing poker?” That’s the key question he offers up. And, it is indeed an important question, for which every winning poker player must have the right answer. Ever perceptive and insightful, here’s Lou Krieger’s sage advice on seating position:
“Selecting the best available seat depends on the skills that your opponents have. Think about their playing style and level of experience.”
On that basis, here’s what you need to understand:
• Seated to your right (your opponents bet before you), it’s best to have:
(1) very aggressive players who often raise (frequently we call these players “maniacs”).
(2) well-skilled, tough opponents (that’s how you should be playing).
(3) unpredictable players. (Since they act before you and you see how they bet before you must declare, it’s not necessary that they be predictable.)
• Seated to your left (you must declare first), you’d like to have:
(1) timid players whom you can easily get to fold by betting or raising;
(2) loose-passive players (they often call but rarely raise).
(3) predictable opponents (you don’t have to worry about being raised by them after you bet).
Please join me in offering a toast to Lou, thanking him for his many contributions to the poker world and to our own poker know how.

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