My losing hangover slot machine adventure in Las Vegas

Every now and then the urge hits me to venture out of my mancave and play penny slots. Why I feel the need to contribute $50 to the Las Vegas casinos is a mystery to me.
Anyway, I chose the Longhorn on Boulder Highway because it was a nice day and that casino, in the past, has been relatively friendly to payouts. Not so this day.
But it was entertaining, although frustrating.
My first decision stood tall in front of me, three giant slots – Sex In the City, Dirty Dancing and The Hangover. I chose The Hangover because I liked that movie the best and it had four screens that intrigued me.
Also, it was one of those 40 credit minimum jobs, which was affordable with my $50 budget. Well, so much for that decision. My first $20 went in a flash. After that result, I wasn’t about to test the other two.
Bad karma, I suppose.
I wasn’t ready to quit, however, and behind me stood The Munsters. Well, I couldn’t resist, being a huge fan of Herman, Lily, Grandpa, young Eddie and, of course, Marilyn from the old TV show. Herman and Lily were the biggest paying winners in the slot game, but Grandpa was the wild card that most often came up. Al Lewis was awesome playing that Dracula role and just as awesome in “Car 54 Where Are You,” where he also teamed up with Fred Gwynne (Herman).
So the big decision was how much to spend. To get any value for your buck, you need to go the full 9 lines. You had choices of playing 1 line (9 cents), 2, 10, 15 and 20. The 20 costs $1.80 per spin.
You have to play at least 10 to get into the bonus so I did just that at 90 cents a pop. I hung in for a while, got a couple of decent hits, but eventually tapped out.
With another $20 gone, I spent the final $10 on drinks. Hey, when a pretty girl sits next to you, it costs.
I wouldn’t say these particular games compare with Buffalo, but for entertainment value it was in the ballpark. Later I found out my original intention to bet Eovaldi and the Miami Marlins at plus money would have been a winner.
So expect more sports picks and less slots from me in the future. I’ll leave the penny bandits for that lady who got the drinks and a few bucks back hittiing I Dream of Jeannie.

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