MGM and Caesar’s to Allow Google Glass

Surprisingly, the controversial new technology will be allowed onto the casino floor. We’ll see how long that lasts…

The new prototype eyeglasses from Google have sparked controversy regarding whether the technology represents an unacceptable lack of privacy. The specs allow the wearer to record images and video of everything they see. Like most technologies, they will be primarily used for harmless things like making home videos or taking drunken photos of friends during a night out.

But many people are genuinely frightened about the loss of privacy, and one survey found that 1 in 5 Britons wants the product banned. Surprisingly, Vegas casino firms MGM and Caesar’s have stated that they will allow customers to wear Google Glass, as long as they don’t record anything.

Eventual ban looks likely
These casinos will allow the device at first, but as soon as someone uses it to cheat at poker or blackjack cards they will rethink their stance. The reason that casino’s don’t allow customers to take pictures or videos is exactly that; recorded information can be used to construct schemes harmful to the company’s bottom line. Some speculate that using the device to record which cards have been dealt could be a useful tool when using a card counting system. Either way, don’t expect to see them in casinos for too long.

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