Finnish Player Sets New Online Pokies Jackpot Record

If you want to win the biggest online pokie jackpot ever, you have a new target to reach – one that’s going to be difficult to top any time soon.
On Sunday, a new world record was set, as €17.8 million (about $22.73 million) was won by a Finnish player. The jackpot was hit on Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune pokie, which has a progressive jackpot that has awarded a few of the largest prizes in online gambling history. It was a huge win, one that was nearly $8 million larger than the next biggest jackpot in internet gambling history.
In order to win a jackpot on this game, players must first align bonus symbols, and then make their way through a multi-stage jackpot wheel. At the centre of the wheel – if the player doesn’t win a prize before then – the player will find the Mega Jackpot.
The jackpot was won at, with site spokesperson Anders Sims calling the win “off the chart.” The company also said that the company would help the winner with the many issues that can come with winning a prize of that size.
“Since we want the prize money to be a source of joy for the winner, we strongly recommend that winners seek economic counselling and that they remain anonymous,” Paf CEO Anders Ingves said. “We also recommend that big winners take a break from playing.”
For those playing at our favourite Microgaming casino sites, there are a number of large progressive jackpots available for players to win – even if they won’t be topping that record win anytime soon. At the moment, the biggest jackpot available at Royal Vegas is the Mega Moolah jackpot, which is currently valued at more than $2 million!

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