Caving in to an urge and playing Caveman Keno

Sometimes I get the urge to go out and play. Well, not really sometimes to be perfectly candid.
It’s not in my best interest. That would be just to stick with betting sports games. There I know I have a fighting chance – like last weekend when putting $15 bets on Cleveland, Buffalo and Seattle in the NFL – 3 for 3 and all easy winners.
No, I have to satisfy my inner need for a thrill and mess with the penny slots, video poker or caveman keno. After having done so, the conscience gives me a verbal whipping. “Hey, if you want to give $20 away, why not spend it on food or drinks?”
You can’t go wrong playing keno at the Califonia hotel
My gambling strategy: Have fun, be smart
Solid advice to which I have no response. So I just ignore it and pacify myself with the usual casino experience.
I have to admit, those local taverns may be more appealing when it comes to video poker. A few of them offer perks such as the matching of $20 if you play at least 20 hands. I like that idea for at the very least I break even.
Usually I just bet 4 on the 25-cent machine instead of 5 so at worst I break even. And the game of choice is mostly Bonus Poker for that is the one (along with Jacks or Better) that pays 2 for 1 if you get two pair.
The two pair is what I shoot for. Anything better is gravy. Other folks hit Royals. I haven’t seen one come my way in 17 years. Truth.
If there is no $20 match, I find it better to play the caveman version of keno. It doesn’t pay as much as regular keno, but I feel the potential is better. Opportunities come when odds pay 4X and 10X. Cleopatra keno has odds of 4X and 8X.
Do I win? Rarely. Do I get angry? Always. Will I quit? Probably not.
It is all about money management. Unfortunately, these games involve a strategy of waiting them out. Sooner or later those machines will hit, but how much money can you throw in before that happens?
In slots, you have to play at least three times the lowest amount to see a profit. For example, the machines that start 40, 80, 120 up to max, you have go 120 to wind up with a shot at a substantial reward.
You need a couple of hundred dollars to do this. I don’t have that to spend daily so I just have to be content with the usual $20 setback.
Game planning, that is the key. Now I just have to talk myself into making more sports bets. Thank goodness the NFL is back!

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