Play high limits on slot machines for better money

Your first thought about playing a slot machine is that there is no strategy since the games are run by computers.
You may also think your intelligence has little to no effect on results. This is true but there are actually a few smart ways you can play slot machines. First let’s look at how slot machines work to understand them best.
Both reel and video slot machines are run by a Random Number Generator (RNG) chip. Random is the important word here. Every spin is random and independent from the previous spin or future spins. There are no patterns that are repeated over and over so there is nothing to remember and there is nothing predictable besides the average payouts, which are programmed in.
This is where the first piece of smart slot strategy comes in.
Every RNG chip for each slot machine denomination is programmed to meet a certain return. Generally, the higher the denomination of slot machine played the higher the rate of return. For example, a penny slot machine may return 89% of the money put into it while a $5 machine may return 98% of the money put into it.
The first smart play for slot machines is to play higher limits if you want to get better returns. (Note: you should only play as much as your bankroll allows.)
Low limit slots may be more fun to play but they are, generally, only on the casino floor for your short term entertainment. Most smart players are looking for longer term fun with the possibility of greater returns.
There are some low limit slot machines that may be called “loose” slots that offer returns usually only seen on higher denomination slot machines. But this is often a single promotional machine just to get you into the casino. You will find these kind of slot machines located off the Vegas Strip in some of the “locals” casinos.
The other key to maximizing your money in a slot machine is similar to playing video poker.
In video poker you always want to play using the maximum bet because the 4,000 credits (or more with a progressive machine) for a Royal Flush is how returns are based. The returns on a video poker machine that returns 99% decrease vastly when you only play one or two credits. Slot machines are the same.
You will want to play the maximum bets so you qualify for a bonus round. By playing in bonus rounds you’ll maximize your fun and returns.
Slot machines aren’t always the best bets in the casino but they can be the most fun. There aren’t many strategies for slot machines and none will change the results every time you play because the game is random. But these simple tips will help make the experience last longer and hopefully make playing slot machines more fun.

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