WPT Winter Open coming to Seminole Hard Rock

Time to tune-up your poker skills for the World Poker Tour (WPT) Tampa Bay Regional Winter Poker Open coming to Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa (FL) beginning this Friday and running through Dec. 9.
Up for grabs is a guaranteed prize pool valued at $550,000 during the exciting 15-event regional series that will take place in The Poker Room. On-site registration is now open and registration fees are non-refundable.
WPT and Seminole Hard Rock Casinos have a multi-year partnership that includes several WPT branded events and the development of official WPT Poker Rooms inside select Seminole Hard Rock Casinos. To register, book a hotel package or get more information on this event, call 1-866-502-7529 or visit www.WorldPokerTour.com.
Texas Station
The big $300,000 Poker Plus Tournament is drawing near. The qualification period for this tournament began Oct. 15 and will continue through Saturday, Dec. 15. The tournament will be held Jan. 5-6 in the Poker Room.
The actual time of the tournament will be posted after the qualifying period ends. During the qualifying term of this tournament up to 45% of each properties’ Progressive Poker rake will go into the tournament fund.
The total payout in the tournament will be a minimum of $300,000. If the rake collected is less than $300,000 the difference will be provided by the properties. All amounts collected will be distributed to players in the tournament.
To be eligible in this tournament a minimum of 50 hours of live poker play must be logged during the qualifying period. Each tournament player logging 50 hours of live play will be issued $1,400 in non-negotiable tournament chips prior to the start.
No player will be issued more than $1,400 in nonnegotiable tournament chips for the event. Management will assign players seating positions and tables. As the tournament progresses and seats open up as players lose all their tournament chips, tables will be consolidated at the direction of management.
This process will continue until one player ends up with all of the tournament chips and that player will be the tournament winner. Management will record the other players’ order of elimination to determine the other winners.
Prizes will be distributed to the winning players as follows:
First Place $40,000
Second Place $15,000
Third Place $10,000
Fourth Place $7,500
Fifth Place $5,000
Sixth Place $4,000
Seventh Place $3,000
Eighth Place $2,500
Ninth Place $2,000
Tenth Place $1,500
11-20 $1,000
21-30 $750
31-50 $500
51-400 $200
Chip leaders on day 1 split $6,000
All players knocked out first day $75 each
Poker Room rules and its general poker tournament rules will prevail at all times. The following Station Casinos Poker Rooms are participating: Palace, Boulder, Texas, Santa Fe, Sunset, Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock. Visit a Stations Poker Room for complete details.

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