Wisconsin governor again delays decision on casino

Tribesmen that are interested in knowing whether the Menominee tribe will be able to build an $800 million casino in Kenosha may have to wait until after Gov. Scott Walker runs for re-election next November to hear his decision.
That was hinted over the weekend by Walker’s administration secretary, Mike Huebsch, who said that the state’s attorneys and financial adviser may need more time to examine the tribe’s off-reservation project.
Actually, the plans call for locating the casino on the grounds of a defunct greyhound racing facility.
When he first received the plans, Walker said he would give his approval provided all 12 tribes in the state approved. All did approve, except for two that run casinos. Fear of competition had them screaming their disapproval.
Now, that “veto” power, granted to the tribes by Walker, may be rescinded, the secretary said.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper, Huebsch hinted that Scott may go along with the Menominee casino despite objections from the two dissenting tribes. But, all probably will have to await next November’s elections.


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