WinPoker app to help hone video poker playing skills

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect” — Anonymous Coach
When I played baseball I had a coach who used to reiterate the quote above. He was always reminding us that if our form wasn’t perfect, our results wouldn’t be, and that there’s no benefit in practicing the wrong way.
That mantra goes all the way to the casino. Practicing perfect form in the few games of skill (blackjack and video poker) will only help win money, which will lead to a better time.
I don’t like sitting in front of a computer to practice my gambling so I’ve looked for iPhone apps to help hone my skills. After trying many different apps I’ve become comfortable honing my gambling skills on two. I use ODDcase Blackjack to practice perfect moves and card counting and WinPoker for video poker.
WinPoker is, by far, the best video poker training app. The most important feature is that the app tells you when you’re making the wrong play. The app allows you to choose from just about every video poker variation you will find in a casino.
Along with many pay table options the app shows you the payout percentages of each game so you can practice games with the smallest house edge. You can create games with specific pay tables if they aren’t already available. For example, I’ve added a 6/5 Bonus Poker pay table because I often sit at a casino bar where this is the best option.
The ability to keep statistics of your wins, losses, hands played and errors is one of the best features of this app. In my time practicing I’ve learned that Jacks or Better is, by far, the game I play with the most accuracy. Even though there are positive payback Deuces Wild games I’m better off playing a game where I’m more accurate so I focus most of my WinPoker and casino time with Jacks or Better.
WinPoker is $9.99 at the iTunes store.
Blackjack is one the most popular table games in the casino. Besides Texas Hold ‘Em, you won’t find a casino table game with more mobile phone apps. Many of those apps are fine to pass the time but only ODDcase Blackjack will teach you how to make the correct plays against the dealer and how to count cards.
The best feature is you can set the rules the same way you’ll find in your favorite casino. You can choose the number of decks, payout, splits and more. At first, card counting takes a lot of focus, but enough practice will, hopefully, make it become second nature.
Most cities have one type of blackjack, but in Las Vegas you’ll find eight-deck blackjack that pays 6:5 for 21 at one casino while you may find a game that pays 3:2 for a double deck game across the street.
ODDcase Blackjack is $1.99 for the full version at the iTunes store. There’s also an ad supported free version.

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