Wildcats features one of the biggest jackpot yet!

VACAVILLE—Players won’t want to miss out on any Wildcats Sunday Matinee bingo session at the Vaca Valley Bingo hall. The Will C. Wood H.S. Wildcats progressive Cat Cash Match drawing is getting bigger and bigger. As we went to press, the top cash prize was sitting at $7,700!

The Wildcats also have restored the Blind G-Ball progressive jackpot game a few weeks ago and the jackpot was at $1,300 as we went to press.

Starting the month off, players will enjoy a Double Day on Sunday, May 4th. Everyone with a paid admission will receive double drawing ticket and there will be double Table Drawings for some great prizes.

Players will want to take Mom out for a day of bingo on her special day, Mothers Day, Sunday, May 11th. Everyone with a paid admission will receive a Mother’s Day dauber.

Wildcats Bingo players can win free bingo if their number is in the monitor when there is a valid bingo verified. The In The Monitor day will be played on Sunday, May 18th.

End of the month drawings for cash, free bingo and prizes will be held on Sunday, April 25th. In addition to the prizes of cash and free bingo, the E-O-M session, features Good Neighbor games and drawings for a Prince and Princess who will also receive $5 each time their number is called.

Players can buy in each Sunday with the Express I setup that includes a one six-on paper game pack and one pack of specials plus a Bonanza game card and Double Action game sheet. The Matinee Express II admission is available for $19 and includes two packs, two packs of specials and the Bonanza and Double Action special game sheets for the matinee session.

All regular games are guaranteed to pay out $250 to the lucky winners at each Wildcat Sunday matinee sessions. There are lots of flashboard games that pay out up to $1,199.

The Wood Wildcats Sunday Matinee session starts each week at 12:30 p.m. The Vaca Valley Bingo hall opens up each Sunday at 11:00 a.m. with Warm-up games starting about one half hour prior to the beginning of the regular session. As with all other sessions of bingo at Vaca Valley, there are no electronic bingo machines used at the hall.

All sessions are played at the Vaca Valley Bingo hall. The Vaca Valley Bingo hall is located at 190 Bella Vista Road, at the I-80 and Davis Street exit and features separate glass enclosed smoking and non smoking rooms. For more information, call (707) 449-4646.

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