Why are superhero slots so popular?

Only fifteen years ago the comics industry was a completely different beast; reserved only for the most die-hard fans that wore their anoraks proudly and trooped into the dank corners of their local comic book seller every Wednesday to get their hands on the latest releases. When the fourth Batman film, Batman and Robin, was released in 1997, its camp portrayal of the world of superheroes was seen as the final blow to an outdated and stale method of storytelling.
Fast forward to now and it couldn’t be more different; thanks to the releases of films like Christopher Nolan’s dark and postmodern take on the Batman character alongside big-budget, low-concept films like The Avengers, and comic books are finally back in the mainstream and enjoying their most popular spell in history.
What is it about superheroes that fans can so easily relate to these days? While some rely on the importance of actual events alongside which it can tell a story – The Dark Knight Rises for example can so easily provoke the spirit of Occupy Wall Street – others pitch their protagonists as someone to whom we can ourselves relate; the anguished teen-hood of Peter Parker aka Spiderman for one.
All of which would explain the popularity of superhero slot games on websites like www.galacasino.com – the combination of themes which we can relate to being explored by characters we always dreamed of playing ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to possess untold billions of dollars’ worth of expensive tech like that we see in the hands of Tony Stark in the Iron Man trilogy? As well as using his fortune to fight crime and injustice by taking to the skies in his suit, he’s also a bit of a playboy; never far from the nearest hot tub and bottle of champagne with a gorgeous model on each arm. If you would prefer something a little wilder, just look at how much fun the Hulk gets to have; would you pass up the chance to rampage across the city laying untold waste to buildings and property just because someone got you angry on a bad day at the office?
Superheroes are enjoying unmatched popularity at the cinema just as they are in print; it’s having the chance to relate to their experiences which gives them this popularity — and with the amount of superhero slot games available to play at online casinos, you too could be defending the earth from the bad guys with just a few spins!

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