Remember that wallpapers are an indicator of your state of personality and mood, they are always in sight. They, as they say, must fit the situation. If you have a serious company, an office in the city center, clients often drop in to your office — forget about the wallpaper with a view of a naked female nature. Download wallpapers with Triton Aquarium .
Wallpaper should reflect your personality. Everything is clear here, each wallpaper chooses for itself, and if you go crazy with the view of the mountains, and periodically climb yourself, you will be pleased to see the peak that you have conquered. On the Internet, you can always find wallpapers that will have their own flavor for you.
Wallpaper should be pleasing to the eye. Today there are quite a lot of wallpapers in which there are features of aggressiveness, and this is not very good. Remember that you will see wallpapers quite often, and the view of dilapidated buildings or military robots over time can affect, if not your state of mind, then your mood for sure. Therefore, it is better to opt for positive wallpapers.
The next rule is about wallpaper colors. Remember that each color affects a person in its own way. Forget about wallpaper in bright red shades — your psyche will quickly get tired. You will get tired faster, burn out. Red color exposes feelings, makes it difficult to concentrate. If the computer is in the office, the abundance of red can even have a bad effect on the relationship between colleagues.
Also, do not opt ​​for dark wallpaper. Firstly, on your desktop you can hardly distinguish anything, and secondly, such colors are depressing. During the global financial crisis, it is generally better to do without depressive colors.
Looking at your wallpaper, you should rest. And what could be better than nature for these purposes? Maybe that’s why most people choose wallpaper with a view of the sea, river, meadow, mountains and waterfalls?
The picture should not be intrusive. It should be the background for your work.
Animated wallpaper is better to put at home, but not in the office. Especially if you are not alone in the office. Sounds and motion pictures can distract your employees from work.
Choose a wallpaper on which the lines are smooth and there are at least sharp corners. Smooth color transitions are also preferred — such wallpapers will help you relax.
Bright colors, even the most peaceful shades — green, blue, it is better not to choose. Pastel colors will soothe your eyes, and in addition, they will have a beneficial effect on your mental activity. For example, psychologists note that a soft pink color stimulates the brain.

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