Ultimate Poker expects to deal millionth hand Tues.

Ultimate Poker expects to deal its one-millionth hand of Internet Texas hold ‘em to a Nevada player before the end of the day Tuesday as the system that is mostly owned by Station Casinos continues ramping up its operations.
The plateau is being marked by a lot of giveaways. It was reached just two weeks after Ultimate became the first of about 27 licensed operators and technology servers to begin Internet operations out of Las Vegas. The games can be played by anyone with a computer inside Nevada’s borders.
There have been some limits on cell phone servers and credit card operations with access to Ultimate since the first hands were dealt, but Ultimate is expanding its horizons daily as it works its way through the test period that is being closely monitored by the Gaming Control Board.
MasterCard was the first of the credit card systems to embrace Ultimate in a big way but Ultimate continues working to create a similar close relationship with Visa.
Mac users can connect with Ultimate during the test period by adding software that is explained on the Ultimate website. A very user friendly Mac connection will eventually be available but probably not until after the test period has been ended.

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