Three Card Poker has better house advantage

Smart and fun gaming are not mutually exclusive terms. Translation: You don’t have to play the smart games in the casino in order to have fun.
And you won’t necessarily have fun by playing the games that are the most fun in the casino.
However, it’s bliss when the two worlds collide. Every person is different and has different moods when they walk into a casino. For example, I almost never have fun playing Let It Ride.
Two reasons. One night I was playing Let It Ride at the Hard Rock Casino (on Paradise). The dealer called my friend and I dumb for playing. He went on to say it was the worst game in the casino. Needless to say my friend and I abruptly left the table after this.
This was in my early years gambling and, even though the dealer was a jerk, his hatred of Let It Ride had me curious to learn if it really was one of the worst games in the casino to play. After searching the web for stats on Let It Ride I found out it was, indeed, one of the games with the largest house advantage.
Let It Ride isn’t the worst game in the casino but it’s pretty close. (You can see a table of which games have the largest and smallest house advantage on wizard of
I read about the game and didn’t like what I saw, but still played a few times shortly after being scolded. I have friends who love the positive side of this volatile game. I lost every time I played, the second reason for not liking to play Let It Ride.
Losing isn’t fun and it isn’t smart. For the most part I stopped playing Let It Ride. After all, Let It Ride is a game…in a casino. Twist my arm and I’ll play.
There are other “not-smart” games to be played in the casino that are still fun. I enjoy dropping a few bucks on the Three Card Poker table and seeing what happens. Three Card Poker actually has a larger house advantage than Let It Ride but sitting at the table is almost always fun.
There’s enough ways to win to keep the player involved and the reaction of players is almost always positive. Winning is always fun and, thankfully, my favorite game in the casinos is craps.
Now here’s both a smart and fun game. The raucous atmosphere at the tables is fun and the small house advantage on the pass line or come bets make craps one of the smartest games to play. People are intimidated by craps because of chaos. I always tell people to play craps with simple bets to learn the game. In turn, they’ll learn not to be afraid.
I don’t tell people to avoid playing games with a large house advantage because we all have fun in different ways. Every game in the casino has a different type of fun associated with it. I’m happy to say I’ve found my fun games and, thankfully, some of them are even smart.

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