Station Casinos gets ‘Jumbo Royal Flush Progressive’

Not only known for Bad Beat Jackpots, Station Casinos also feature “Jumbo Royal Flush Progressive” prizes at Palace, Boulder, Texas, Sunset, Santa Fe, Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch.
The Jumbo Royal Flush Progressives can, and do, pay big! They are only available to the live action Texas hold-em poker games. Funds to pay the royals are taken from the Jumbo Jackpot hold-em jackpot rake.
There are four positions for payouts of Royal Flushes in Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs. As each suit is hit during the week the jackpot is removed from the board and reset at $1,000. There is a payout for each of four spots available and the amounts are posted in each poker room on a specially designed board.
The starting amount for the first three positions is $5,000 and the fourth is $10,000. In order to qualify for the Jumbo Royal the player must have the Ace and any other card to the Royal (K, Q, J, or 10 of same suit) in their hand. Players hitting a Royal without the Ace in their hand will be paid $500 for the Royal no matter what suit.
Once a spot has been hit the payout drops to $1,000 until the next Tuesday when it will be reset. If a spot isn’t hit during the week, the next Tuesday reset amount will be added to that spot. Example: Spots 1 and 2 hit during the week and spots 3 and 4 aren’t hit. $5,000 will be added to spot 3 and $10,000 will be added to spot 4. This process continues weekly until they have been hit and are reset.
As an added bonus, when the position 4 Royal is hit all eligible players at the table get $1,000 each. The positions will be reset or increased every week Tuesdays at noon. In the somewhat unlikely event two Royals of the same suit are hit surveillance will be called. Whichever hand was started first (first card dealt by dealer) will be awarded the jackpot. The second hand will receive $1,000.
When a Jumbo Royal Flush hand is announced there must be a minimum of four active players at the table and a jackpot rake must have been taken in order to qualify to win the Jumbo Royal Flush prior to payment.
The player having the Jumbo Royal Flush is required to show a photo ID in order to get paid. If it is a Jumbo Royal Flush in position number four all players at the table will be required to produce proof of Social Security number to get paid.
Check out the complete details in any Station Casino poker room. Then go hit a Jumbo Royal Flush! May the “nuts” be with you!

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