State or regional levels best bet for internet poker

Former Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli believes Internet poker will probably be driven by decisions reached at state or regional levels. He came to know the subject as well as anyone during his time as the main man at the three-member regulatory body.
In other words, he doubts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Las Vegas democrat who once chaired the Nevada Gaming Commission, will have any luck finding a piece of must-pass legislation to which an Internet bill can be attached during the current lame duck session.
Lipparelli offered this opinion when he spoke at a recent private financial conference in Southern California. The myriad forces favoring regulation at the state level have had a lot of time to dig in around the issue. It does not take a lot of opposition to discourage congressional action.
Look at how little Congress has done about anything over the last year or two about a lot of important issues.
Lottery programs oppose federal action. They would rather regulate Internet gaming at the state level for obvious reasons. Some of the influential Indian groups figure anything that discourages people from making trips to their bricks and mortar operations will not be good for them.
Another source pointed out, “There are a lot of interests with strong opinions about Internet poker and it is safe to say they are not on the same page.”
The same source added, “Harry Reid’s (draft) legislation getting leaked into the public arena as it did several weeks ago was not helpful.”

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