Solo trips to the casino are usually more gambling intensive

Last week I was reading a blog by “The Queen of Comps,” stating we should always have a goal when visiting the casino.
Her blog and books are about being frugal in the casino. The point is one that should not be lost even if you’re not a frugal casino customer. I’m not frugal, but having goals when visiting a casino can benefit anyone.
When I visit a casino alone I almost always have different goals than when I visit with a friend or friends. Solo trips are usually more gambling intensive. Since I’m alone I have few distractions to take me away from playing games that have better odds and returns.
I’ll often play much more video poker, which isn’t a very social game since in order to play correct strategy you have to pay attention to what’s happening on the screen.
Solo trips to the casino are usually when I’ll seek out the 9/6 Jacks or Better or 8/5 Bonus Poker games. Their locations may not be in prime parts of the casino and there may only be a few of these machines available together. I like this because it allows me to focus on the game, play for a long time and maybe win a few bucks.
In fact, the only times I’ve ever gotten a Royal Flush when playing video poker are when I play alone at one of these two games. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.
I’d like to think this is random because I enjoy playing video poker with my friends. I won’t play the same games when I’m with friends simply because our trips to the casino don’t take us to similar depths.
My goal when I’m with friends in a casino is generally less focused on playing the smartest games and more on those that are convenient, social and fun. This may have me at a great 99%-plus Double Deck blackjack game or the Mississippi Stud Poker table where I just complain about how awful the game is.
According to Wizard of Odds, Mississippi Stud has a house advantage of almost 5%. That large house advantage doesn’t bother me too much as it’s one of the most brainless and fun table games to play.
My goals when I visit a casino aren’t always the same but they do work together. I like to think my visits alone where I play low house advantage games will counteract the times I go with friends and play games with a higher house advantage.
Even if I’m playing a game with a low house advantage, I’m not playing as perfectly as when not distracted by friends and that’s fine.
I know my goals.

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