Ryan Riess wins World Series of Poker title and $8.4M

Ryan Riess continued the run of under 30 phenoms by winning the 2013 World Series of Poker at the Rio.
The 23 year old Michigan pro needed roughly 3½ hours Tuesday night in a dramatic card session to push past his last opponent Jay Farber for the $8.4 million title.
Riess started behind, but used expert skill to gather the chips to his side amid the unpredictability of no-limit Texas Hold `em. He eliminated Farber all-in with an Ace-King.
Farber, a Las Vegas club promoter, had been fighting for his tournament life for several hours. With just 14.2 million in chips to Riess’ 176.5 million, Farber made his stand with Queen and 5 of spades, only to run into Riess’ Ace and King of hearts.
It wasn’t looking promising, but he had a chance — that is until the flop came four-Jack-10. That meant a Queen now would make a straight for Riess, so only one of the three remaining fives in the deck could help Farber. Neither the fourth nor the fifth community cards brought any help, and Riess was champion.
Riess backed into the stands to watch the cards turn, and won the championship with the arms of a girlfriend around his shoulders. His fans immediately tackled him to the ground.
It was quite an ending for Riess, who drew quite a following over the two nights at the final table as he took down opponent after opponent sporting his Calvin Johnson jersey. The Detroit Lions certainly noticed.
Asked how such a young player came in with so much confidence, he said, “I just think I’m the best player in the world.”
Farber said he plans to keep his day job, despite the $5.2 million second-place haul, and added that all the publicity would be good for business.

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