Poker Notes Live is a new mobile app for poker

As most of you know, I make it a practice to take notes while I am at the poker table.
Using a small folded piece of paper tucked into my shirt pocket and a lucky pen, I make note of all kinds of useful information that is bound to help me win more often – including observations on my opponents’ playing traits, statistics on my wins and losses, and more.
I have taught the concept and how to do it to my Claude Pepper Seniors Poker Group, men and women over 50 who also enjoy recreational poker. Some are in their 90s. But, for most, it’s more trouble than they want to endure. “To each his own,” I say.
At the casino, as I quietly take a note, I often get stares and comments (not complimentary) from opponents at the table. But I know taking those notes helps me win. And that is my goal when I step into the casino. As my late wife used to say: “Winning is fun. And the more I win, the more fun it is.”
I’m not alone. Other notables also take notes for the same reason. Some wait until they get home to do it. The problem there is we don’t always play against the same opponents – at least not in a casino. My notes serve to help me win right now. The very act of observing and note-taking helps me to better focus on the game – all to my advantage.
The age of Information Technology has arrived for poker players. Now there is “a new kid on the block for note taking.”
Moving the art of note taking into the information technology world, Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog founder Robbie Strazynski has released “Poker Notes Live Mobile App: A Great Hi-Tech Tool for Live Poker.”
When queried, Robbie commented, “The obvious benefit of this would be to give players a hi-tech means of recording their observations at the tables.” He believes it will prove to be a very useful poker tool.
What’s more, the app is available in many languages on both Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free. Robbie suggests it be used between hands during live poker play.
With the app, you’ll have the ability to tag and characterize players, as well as take their pictures (iOS only), so “remembering and recording what you’ve noticed about your opponents during live poker play becomes a cinch.” Then he added, “Regardless of your skill level, using the app is essentially guaranteed to improve your performance at the felt.”
A premium version: For those so inclined, this will cost $9.99. Its main advantages are allowing you to save the notes taken on all players you ever face (instead of starting over with each new poker session), as well as track your own results over multiple live poker sessions, among other features.
According to Robbie, “The more often you use Poker Notes Live to take live poker notes, the more useful it’ll become to you and the more likely it is to improve your bottom line.”
My guess: For old, recreational poker players like myself, I will always prefer the old-fashioned way – a small piece of note paper and my lucky pen. But Robbie’s creativity is bound to appeal to many younger players, more attuned to the miracles offered by the modern age of information technology that provides a hi-tech means for recording your observations at the table.
Since the app is free to all (and doesn’t have any running ads to distract you), how can you pass up the opportunity to try it? Once you’ve learned the benefits, you might want to step up to Strazynski’s advanced app – his low-cost premium version.
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My motto: For most of us recreational poker players: “Winning is great fun; and the more I win, the more fun it is.” How about you? Note-taking can help.

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