Players Club knowledge helps gambling plenty

Sometimes smart gaming happens before you even walk into a casino or place a wager.
I may be playing the casino games with a smaller house edge or a large one just to hang out with some friends. I always know the returns behind the game I’m playing. I adjust my wagers accordingly and always make sure to maximize my money and have that fun as long as possible.
A way to maximize bankroll in a casino is to know the rules of the players club at the casino where you’re playing. Players clubs don’t cost anything to join and offer freebies in return for tracking your gaming.
Some people have a problem with their game play being tracked but I don’t mind. I’m sure if someone wanted to they could put together my entire day by reading my tweets, text messages, Google searches and emails.
Players clubs used to flood mailboxes with direct mail but with email being such an important marketing tool nowadays the casinos have decided to flood email with offers instead of costly snail mail. I actually have an email address just for players clubs.
If you’re a high roller, players clubs probably don’t matter. You’ll most likely have a host who will take care of whatever you need. If you’re a low to medium roller some of the perks from being a part of a players club can go a long way to having a good time.
There have been week-long trips to a casino where I didn’t pay for my room, meals or drinks. I gamble and the casinos want the chance to take my money. Not everybody cares about getting freebies from the casino but I don’t wager enough not to care.
I’ve read that 10% of gamblers spend 90% of the money at the casino. I’m part of the 90% and I appreciate that a couple sports bets earn me a “comped” sandwich or large cup of coffee. These aren’t big gifts like the beautiful suites I’ve gotten but I enjoy them all the same. They get me through a day (or week) at a casino without dipping into my wallet.
Generally, slot machines offer the most rewards points because they have the worst returns. As the house edge of a game gets smaller for the casino, the less rewards points offered for a game.
Video poker has a very small house edge and you can play it quickly so casinos treat the game appropriately with low players club points. Every casino players club in every city offers points and credits differently so it’s smart to check the rules in advance of a trip.
Knowing correct strategy and the right bets to make in the casino are important to having fun and extending your bankroll, but understanding the ins and outs of how players clubs work can often supplement the good times. We all like good times at the casino.

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