Online slot quality key — survey

The findings of Traffic Generation’s social agents survey show that more than 60 per cent of players prioritise game quality, while 67 per cent would consider social casino games.

The results suggest the majority of social casino players prioritise the slots games they play over many of the social hooks surrounding them.

TraffGen CEO Andy Caras-Altas said: “This reinforces the importance of quality game play experience, and critically, game maths.

“As we have seen in previous surveys, this provides an opportunity for land-based slots makers who have games that are both recognised by the players, especially in the US market, and have proven mathematics, to acquire players from apps that place less of a focus on quality game content.”

Players were also asked: would you like to go on an adventure in a slots app, where you might encounter other characters and take part in a story as part of your game play? Sixty-seven per cent of respondents replied “Yes”.

Caras-Altas said of the replies: “Respondents to our question are clearly positive towards increased engagement in the narrative component of an app. How app developers respond to this desire from the players will be interesting as it is not yet clear how much the players want to spend time in the meta game, rather than in the slots game.

“It is our opinion though that there is an opportunity to explore new app configurations and meta features and to test them with live player communities.

“Key will be how this is balanced against the majority of players’ preference to play high-quality slots content,” he added.

The findings also indicated that players are open to 3D slots games but that the majority still prefer 2D experiences.

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