One slot in Las Vegas made for bonuses China Shores

Short and sweet, much like my experience the first time I played China Shores. And then I dared to play the slot machine again.
Much like the review I did about Buffalos a few weeks back, this slot game can get addictive. Tough to hit, you bet. But when it does, the experience is a major rush.
The second time around, this machine actually gave me over 400 free games thanks to a few pandas and a bunch of circular symbols that hit all five reels.
It took close to 90 minutes to exhaust all the systems and I was lucky enough to hit a few major winners in the bonus to walk away with over $350.
Naturally, I thought there was finally a slot game that could actually pay off more than my investment. Of course, I was wrong.
Yet, I highly recommend the game, if for no other reason the shot at coming up with a huge number of bonus games. That’s really the key. I don’t know if it will replace Buffalos in popularity, but it’s a good second choice.
There’s always Caveman Keno!
Hello, WSOP
For those who can’t get enough World Series of Poker, the first of 62 events begins Wednesday at the Rio.
The Main Event doesn’t begin until July 9, but there is plenty of opportunity to watch the world’s best. There will be two One Drop tourneys, although the $1 million buy-in is not on the slate.
A nice twist is the WSOP officially deciding to allow men in the Ladies Event on June 28. Usually, it’s the other way around in sports.

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