Omni Casino Hosting $15,000 Marvelous IV Tournament

Video slots are by far the most popular type of game that are played in online casinos. It’s easy to understand why since they are so easy to learn and offer chances to win massive prizes off of a small bet. The only weakness that they have is that they aren’t always a good choice for people who are super competitive, but slot tournaments can help with this in a major way. Slot tournaments give players a chance to compete against each other in their favorite games to win even more prizes, and during the last half of April, you’re going to have a shot at some sizable payouts in a great tournament event.
At Omni Casino during the last two weeks of April, you’re going to be able to get a piece of more than $15,000 in prizes thanks to the Marvelous IV slots tournament. Whenever you play qualifying spins on qualifying slots, you’re automatically earning yourself a place on one of a few different leaderboards. These leaderboards are broken up according to stakes, and that means that you’re not going to have to compete against high rollers who have lots of money to just endlessly dump into games.
To qualify, a spin has to be on a game with between 15 and 50 paylines, and it has to be worth at least $0.45 per spin. On each Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the tournament period of April 15 through April 30, you’re going to get an update to the leaderboard. If you hit on certain positions during those updates, then you’re going to get an extra $50 Marvel Hero reward. On top of that, if you get more than 100,000 qualifying spins, you’re going to pick up a $200 payout in addition to any other prizes you win. Getting more than 135,000 spins will double that extra payout to $400.
Omni Casino is one of the online casinos running today that is most well-known for their work with slot tournaments. They put on several events like this each year, and they always have a fair set of rules to help make sure that everyone has a chance to win a solid payout. With more than $15,000 in prizes being awarded and an inclusive mentality, April is really looking like the time to enjoy your slots play at Omni Casino. Cash in on this awesome event!

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