Ninja Metrics launches gambling industry analytics

Ninja Metrics (, industry leaders in Social Analytics for gaming, announced gambling industry services for the Katana Social Analytics Engine at the Social Gambling & Gaming Summit in Las Vegas, NV. Katana is an ultra-scalable, cloud computing-based social analytics platform that predicts the social influencers and monetizes the most valuable targets. The recently released platform serves a wide range of industries, but now has offerings specifically catering to social gaming and gambling industries.
“The gambling and social gaming industries have always been working to harness targeting solutions that will garner the most ROI, but they haven’t been nearly as precise or advanced until now,” says Dmitri Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Ninja Metrics.
The Katana Social Analytics Engine uses exclusive, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to provide clearer insight into the health of social games and applications. By going beyond simple historical reporting, Katana is able to provide detailed projects for the outcomes that matter to developers and the features, interactions and mechanics that influence them.
Key Features of The Katana Social Analytics Gaming and Social Gaming Services
• Discover clear insights into the performance of your apps and games.
• Find out how much your customers will likely spend and how their social influence impacts your bottom line.
• Target your most influential and valuable users.
• Test different campaigns on your users and project the results across your user base.
• Flexible dashboard that includes support for: segmentation, cohort analysis, churn projections, conversion rate, revenue analysis, funnels and comprehensive KPI tracking.


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