Nevada gaming regulators OK prepaid debit cards

With support from the industry, the Nevada Gaming Commission, at its meeting last week, approved the use of prepaid debit cards in casino slots play.
Prior to using the cards, however, the Nevada Gaming Control Board must approve the technology being used.
Simply stated, players can go their banks and place a specific amount of dollars in an account that would be credited to a slots access card. This would save the players from having to bring cash into the casinos of their choice.
The plan was presented to the Commission by Atty. Dennis Neilander, a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and now the legal representative for Sightline Payments, a Las Vegas-based payment processing business.
Neilander, who has been working with the Nevada Council of Problem Gambling, said monetary limits on the prepaid cards are governed by the U.S. Department of Treasury.
Among the supporters of prepaid credit card usage were MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Station Casinos, as well as United Coin Machine Co.
Neilander told the regulators that Sightline would place a message about problem gambling visible to players when they load funds from a bank account to the card.

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