National Costume

Costume — can mean clothing in general or a distinctive style of clothing that reflects a person’s social, national, regional affiliation. Costume can also mean the artistic combination of accessories in a painting, statue, poem, or play appropriate to the time, place, or other circumstances. Another possible meaning denotes a certain style of clothing in which a person could portray an unusual role, for example, fancy dress or acting costumes. You can find National Costume in Latvia .

Most often, people can see costumes on actors in a theater or movie. In combination with other details, the costume helps the actor to create the image of the character.

The national or regional costume reflects the individuality of a limited group of people and characterizes the characteristics of its culture. Such is the Russian national costume. Often the national costume is a matter of national pride. An example of such costumes is the Scottish kilt or the Japanese kimono.

Some holidays may be accompanied by dressing up as fairy-tale characters. For example, a Santa Claus costume for the New Year.

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