Maximize your video poker gambling dollar

Video poker is one of the most popular games in a casino. Unlike slot machines, video poker makes you put a little thought into your gambling when at a machine.
On the surface video poker is a simple game but in order to maximize your gambling dollar you’ll want to learn how and where to play. Let’s start with the basics of video poker.
There are many variations of video poker and in order to play perfectly you’re going to want to learn about the game and the differences. explains which video poker games pay the best and has done the math to prove it. They have a free game where you can learn how to make the correct plays.
Once you learn the basics behind video poker it would behoove you to find a specific game to call your own. I prefer Jacks or Better because it’s the simplest game to learn proper strategy and it has the least variance (up and down swings).
Some people find Jacks or Better boring and don’t mind games with more variance like Double Double Bonus Poker. Sometimes the math behind video poker isn’t intuitive so it’s wise to learn the right way to play when it doesn’t cost any money.
After choosing your game the best way to master video poker is to practice before heading to the casino. There are plenty of free games to play on the web that will help teach the right moves to make for your favorite video poker game.
If you prefer practicing away from your computer the WinPoker app for iPhone and iPad is a great tool to learn correct video poker strategy. WinPoker costs $10, but that money should be returned by learning how to play with the right strategy.
There’s one last thing to do before heading to the casino. Video poker players have created a fantastic community called vpFREE ( The most useful feature the vpFREE community provides is where to find the best video poker machines in each casino.
Finding the best pay table for a certain video poker game can mean a difference as high as 10% on your returns. A search of the vpFREE database before a trip to the casino will enhance your chances of a positive result. Their mobile site is a must bookmark for your smart phone if you play a lot of video poker.
Lastly, whenever you’re gambling at a casino you’ll be offered free drinks. Playing video poker with perfect strategy isn’t easy and needs focus. While a free drink or two is OK you may not want to get too crazy as this is just a distraction. This goes for coffee and soda as much as it does liquor.
Learning how to play video poker properly never ends. Once you master one game you have the ability to learn more games. The great thing about learning how to play video poker properly is that it becomes second nature after a while. Even if you aren’t as focused on playing, you’ll still be better at it than if you didn’t know the basics.

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