Macau casino marketing strategy approved

The U.K.’s famous (infamous ?) newspaper, the Guardian, which gave you the Snowden wikileaks information regarding spying by the National Security Administration (NSA), has given its approval of the Macau marketing strategy that is targeting China’s middle-class families.
According to the Macau Daily Times, a special correspondent was sent to the world’s gambling capital to see how Macau’s economy has been shaped around the gambling industry.
The correspondent described Macau as “a fitting Chinese counterpoint, a temple to the acquisition of extreme wealth by any means necessary.” But, as of now, he wrote, two-thirds of the gambling revenue still comes from closed-door VIP rooms, which are controlled by “junket operators.”
The Guardian, said the Times, portrays Macau as a city trying to reinvent itself with casinos providing not only gaming activities but also “lavish resorts, high-end shopping malls and elaborate stage show.”
The Macau Venetian (a property operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corp.), noted a Macau tourism expert at the University of Macau, “is leading the transformation” with a variety of entertainment presentations.
The bottom line, however, said another Macau professor, is that “Chinese gamblers don’t come here for fun; they come here to win…and play baccarat until first light.”
After wracking up more than $45 billion in gambling revenues during 2013, Macau, say analysts, will still enjoy revenue growth of 20 percent in this new year.


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