Learn video poker strategy and add it to your gaming repertoire

I don’t always play for the best percentage and never for comps, but both matter and go hand in hand at times.
The small percentage of money you save by playing the right games can go a long way, like offering things you wouldn’t normally get and allowing you to play longer.
Most people I know love freebies from a casino or any business. I love them, too, but playing for freebies doesn’t always work out well for me so I don’t. That said, I keep comps in the back of my mind.
When I first visited casinos I used to only play craps and blackjack. I always thought these were the games that “men” play. A friend of mine used to get better offers from the casinos and he only played 25-cent video poker. This was before casinos increased the amount of video poker play needed to earn points. He played fast and he earned his comps.
No table game could match his speed and he taught me something that would change how I gamble in a casino. I learned video poker strategy and added it to my gaming repertoire.
I learned there is little strategy with slot machines, but I added them to the mix in the casino when video poker play was increased at most casinos. The combination of tables and machines earned me comps like it was my job.
Unlike my friend, I only play full pay video poker machines and high limit slot machines, which return more money than pennies. I was playing video poker longer than my friend because of the slight percentage advantage in the games.
I was playing the right blackjack games and earned a couple percentage points advantage over the casino. This allowed me to spend some time playing more mindless games, with a larger house advantage, in the casino because I was saving a few percentage points by playing the other games.
The combination of playing smarter games allows me to play longer in the casino than most of my friends. It also allows me not to worry about my advantage when they want to play games with a larger house edge. Ultimately, the money evens out.
If played correctly, the extra percentage points I save by playing smart games allows me to play longer, which will allow me to earn better comps than my friends. I’m not playing for the comps but I’ll take them.
Those few percentage points you can save allow you to be a little more frivolous with your game play when you want. It also allows you to earn an extra complimentary lunch.
Seriously, who doesn’t want lunch that’s paid for by someone else?

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