Las Vegas slots versus online gambling slots

Slot machines form the backbone of the Las Vegas gambling industry, the most recent figures from the University of Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research show that in the six months from January — June 2013 almost 63% of Nevada’s entire gaming revenue was generated by slots.
These figures show just how crucial Las Vegas’ 197,000 slot machines are to the industry’s health and why there is such a wide variety of machines available to play. With slot revenue playing such a significant role in the 1700 casinos’ balance sheets they want to make sure that every possible taste is catered for.
In Las Vegas you can play old-school 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots with multiple paylines and linked progressive slots. This choice however doesn’t necessarily make for a better experience for players, especially those trying to work out what sort of games to play or to avoid.
Statistics from the Nevada Gaming Control Board show that higher denomination games have the highest payout percentage (about 94%), with penny slots having payout rate of 89%. Statistics show though that the worst value in Las Vegas comes from playing progressive jackpot slots, with a payout percentages of 84% (although for many the chance of an enormous payout makes up for this).
Choosing a game is made more difficult because of the anecdotal evidence (albeit not very scientific!) about poor value slots to avoid: don’t play slots overlooking a restaurant, or on the way to the pool, or giant slots, or slots next to table games etc. True or not, these stories make you wonder—do casinos really make machines ‘loose’ or ‘tight’ according to their location or wager size? Choosing the ‘right’ game becomes more difficult than it should be.
In contrast to the Las Vegas slot scene online casinos offer players an experience that captures the best of Las Vegas’, but with greater consistency and reliability.
Playing online you can play the same sort of slots as in Las Vegas—from simple 3-reel 1 payline games to linked progressives. With their greater technological range though they also offer cinematic 5 reel video slots based upon the latest film or video games such as Tomb Raider and The Dark Knight — see this article by Mapleleafcasino for an overview of the different online slots games.
In my opinion when you play at an internet casino there are no questions about a machine’s integrity. Reputable casinos use software produced by industry leaders and so have no influence over the outcome of any game. This software is also audited by independent testing agencies with developers’ RNGs (random number generators) guaranteed to be 100% random.
In addition many people believe that there’s none of the superstitions associated with land based casinos, e.g. not playing next to a ‘loose slot’ etc. Furthermore because of the lower overheads with online casinos you’ll find better value and payout percentages online. You can expect to find +95% payout % on most slots with some as high as 99%. Progressive slots also have higher payout rates online, and they tend to grow more quickly and become larger because more people can play them at one time.
A final advantage to playing slots online is that major software developers produce new games at a rapid rate. For instance, industry leader Microgaming has released yet another two new online games in August 2013, Sweet Harvest and Wild Catch. These are multiple payline games with wilds, scatters, bonus features and multipliers, and have graphics, sound effects and gaming action superior to slots found in Vegas.
All of these factors would seem to combine to make playing slots online in ways a far better bet than in the flesh in Las Vegas.

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