Las Vegas firm in Mexican casino deal

A Mexican casino chain is to use a sports book system provided by a Las Vegas-based technology firm.

CG Technology has agreed a deal that will see its sports wagering products being used by eight casinos owned by the Logrand Group, including the largest casino in the country, based in Monterrey.

The company said it is seeking other opportunities to expand its operations outside the US, with chief executive Lee Amaitis describing Latin America as «a region we have long seen inherent value in,» adding that spreading its services there «underscores our dedication to international expansion.”

CG Technology’s sports book system includes services like mobile sport betting, back-end account management and wallet functions.

While Mexican casinos may be expanding their services, another country identified as a site where such facilities may be set to expand is Japan.

Todd Nisbet, an executive at Australian betting firm Melco Crown, told the Australian the country offers «the biggest single opportunity» for expansion internationally.

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