Hoping this Buffalo slot machine pays my bills

I have to concede that for the past few weeks I have been obsessed with the Buffalo slot machine. The Aristocrat game has been out for a long time. I am simply a late arrival.
Perhaps it was spending periods of time testing various penny slots and hearing the machine shout out “BUFF-AAH-LOW.” I turned around at one of those shouts and saw coins flying all over the place, indicating a big winner. Naturally, anything that produces money is something that interests me.
You have choices – play the game for 40 cents (a 1-reel bet), 80 cents (2), $1.25 (3), $2 (4) or $4 (5). At first I would invest $20 on one reel, then got brave and went to $40 on two reels, then three reels and finally $100 on five reels. I couldn’t quite get to the max $4 per roll, but it’s on my future agenda.
The real excitement is in the stacked Buffalo’s. They payout in two interesting ways. The first would be on just a normal, non-free spin, win. The pays are all grouped together as well. For instance, if you win on multiple “lines,” each win combination will group together.
For example, if you had 5 buffalo’s on 10 payline’s, the game groups all these lines together and flashes them all at once. The real kick to this game is in the free spins. You get 3-5 coin symbols on a scatter, which will give you 8, 10, or 15 free spins respectively. Any wild symbols act as multipliers.
That’s where the excitement starts. You can win big or come away empty. Each wild symbol will act as either a 2X or 3X multiplier. If you had two wilds showing 2X and 3X, the total multiplier would be 6X. The theoretical maximum multiplier would 27X, which unfortunately was never reached. I did once get to 8X and won over 26,000 credits, which was over $200.
Naturally, when you win that amount you starting getting brave. Reality then sets in and you look to break the bank. Instead the bank breaks you.
I received a tip from an insider who operates the games at a local casino, who said not to play the game at more than one or two reels (80-cent max). I listened for a while, then decided to go up to three reels. That’s when the $200 return happened. Since then, I’ve given it all back in later trips.
So I confess to having a Buffalo crush, but sadly slots wind up similar to dating. Too many one-night stands.
Anyway, when you now hit a big set of Buffalo symbols, the payout can get huge. I’m hooked now!

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