GTECH launches standalone jackpot at ICE 2014

GTECH, with its gaming product brand, SPIELO, is launching two new casino management system products at booth N5-16 at the ICE Totally Gaming show in London from February 4 — 6, 2014. The company is bringing gaming to life as it showcases JP2go and Rub4Riches, alongside its comprehensive portfolio of GALAXIS casino systems modules and its SYSTEM2go packaged slot solution.
GTECH is introducing JP2go as the first fully-installed, turnkey jackpot solution in a standalone package. Independent of other systems, deployment is quick and easy. JP2go offers targeted, revenue-building mystery, progressive and wide area jackpots to create excitement on the floor and increase machine play for an all-inclusive, per-machine price. A high-tech multimedia signage solution is included in the package to promote jackpots and share the excitement of big wins. During ICE, operators will have the chance to win a free product license by entering a prize draw.
Rub4Riches, the newest product in the GALAXIS BONUSING module, brings the thrill of scratch cards to slot machines and provides operators with a novel, interactive bonusing tool that instantly rewards players at the point of play. Once a player reaches a play threshold or meets other criteria predetermined by the casino, Rub4Riches displays a customized scratch card on the touch-screen player interface. Players use the interface to rub areas on the screen for a chance to win promotional credits in real time, directly at the slot machine. Rub4Riches helps casinos promote loyalty, encourage longer play and differentiate the casino from other gaming venues.
gameViz advanced gaming analytics will also be demonstrated at ICE. Integrated into the GALAXIS ANALYTICS portfolio and supplied in partnership with BIS2, gameViz provides a new way to visualize advanced business intelligence using advanced «Super Graphics.» It helps operators to understand slot machine performance and customer preferences to identify practical ways to improve revenue and profit.
The full range of the powerful and comprehensive GALAXIS Casino System will be on show at ICE. The system comprises nine modules and covering every aspect of casinos systems management, and live demonstrations on both slots and tables will be available to visitors. GALAXIS is installed worldwide, offering operators the most complete package of progressive and mystery jackpots, player club and bonusing tools, as well as the choice of ticket and card-based cashless options. Experience the interactive capabilities of GTECH’s in-machine display firsthand.
GTECH’s SYSTEM2go essential slot management system combines on-line accounting and remote monitoring with a complete jackpot system in a single package. Advanced features, including Ticket-In, Ticket-Out, Magnetic Card cashless, and Player Tracking are also available as add-ons in an all-inclusive package. Because the solution is web-based, management can remotely access real-time information from a single property, even a single machine, or an entire multi-site estate. Simple to install and operate, SYSTEM2go is a cost-effective, versatile system for all types of slot venues.
These are a sample GTECH’s full complement of cabinets, games, systems, and software, including products for both land-based and interactive operations. Visit Booth N5-16 at ICE 2014 to see more, and find out more about how GTECH is bringing gaming to life.

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