GTA Online leaks hint at casino, pink slip races, spying and more

A new GTA Online update includes audio clips that seem to give away a bunch of new features, including horse racing and indoor bike racing.

The clips were apparently included in a recent file called mpdlc.awc, which was part of the recent 1.06 update for GTA Online. Hackers taking apart the file discovered a range of short dialogue snippets from known mission givers, that allude to a variety of new features.

As with any leak like this could be fake, but the voice-acting does seem professional and a lot harder to fake than a quick Photoshop.

Or at least some of it does, the dialogue on some of the other clips from YouTube user ‘Franken Stein’ is very odd, but since he offers no explanation of how he got them it’s hard to say what’s going on.

Either way the features implied by the clips include an interactive casino (there’s already a non-interactive one in the game); new business and property investments, pink slip races (i.e. races where you can bet your car as the prize); horse racing (again there’s already a racetrack in the game); indoor off-road racing, including bikes; an enhanced camera and the ability to spy on people.

Some of these clips are really long though, so if you notice something we’ve missed in them do let us know via email and we’ll add it to this story.

Rockstar is planning to update GTA Online with new features on a regular basis, but it’s also recently hinted that new story-based content is imminent. So it’s possible these new features relate to Grand Theft Auto V’s story mode, although more likely both.

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