BetSoftGaming has released the first expansion pack for its popular candy-themed slot, Sugar Pop!. The expansion is now live at NordicSlots.com.

The innovative and compelling Sugar Pop! video slot game has become massively popular throughout the gaming world, and BetSoftGaming has responded to their fans’ demands and has released the follow-up expansion entitled the Peanut Butter Plains expansion pack.

This innovative extension of the popular slot extends the first level of the original game, and adds a new candy, the Peanut Butter Cup. The Peanut Butter Cup spurts out free squirts of peanut butter which can give the player free spins if they land on adjacent candies.

The Sugar Pop! slot came out in November 2013, and has changed gaming for the better, as it has incorporated features more commonly seen in social gaming, including level progressions, achievements, and matches of adjacent candies, rather than paylines going from left to right.

Anthony Locke, BetSoft’s Head of Product Development, praised the new expansion, saying, “This record-setting game has thousands of players hungrily devouring the irresistible sweet treats of each level… It is very clear that players want more of what SugarPop! offers them – progressive levels, achievements, the excitement of exploring a delicious new game world – and to that end, BetSoft will be revealing more level expansion packs in the near future.”

If this sounds like your choice of chocolate éclair, visit NordicSlots.com and have a look at the new improved level expansion pack for Sugar Pop! This reviewer found the gameplay exciting and compelling, and it took him much longer to write this article than it should have. That being said, you’ll get a lot of pleasure from this innovative and appealing slot. Go on, give it a spin!

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