Del. online gambling revenue only $253K so far

Online gambling in the Commonwealth of Delaware was never expected to be a major revenue producer and the results of the first two months have shown that to be true.
In spades.
The state gaming officials reported that for the months of November and December Internet gambling revenue was a mere $253,000, indicating it will be far short of the projected $5 million that was expected over a full-year basis.
According to the Internet gambling law, the state collects the first $3.75 million of online revenue in any given year. Thus, the three casinos have not yet received a dime of the proceeds.
“It’s still early,” cried Lottery officials responsible for monitoring the online activity.
“In and of itself, it’s not going to be the thing that solves everybody’s financial issues,” said lottery Director Vernon Kirk. “It’s a piece of the puzzle, and it’s got a lot of potential.”


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