Community Gambling Comes To UK Through Sky Vegas Casino

Playing online slots can sometimes be a lonely proposition. Even players who jump from slot to slot can get board when there is no interaction with other gamblers. That is why Mazooma Interactive Games is attempting to change the industry.

Mazooma will be bringing their new community gaming platform to the UK through Sky Vegas. The technology allows up to forty gamblers to play a wide variety of games offered by Sky Vegas and Mazooma. It is something Mazooma has been eyeing for quite some time.

«Our research shows that players tend to stay longer on the community games because of their social nature and so far we have been very encouraged by how popular this latest innovation by Mazooma has proved,» said Tony Oliver, Managing Director of Mazooma Interactive Games.

Mazooma has signed a six month exclusivity deal with Sky Vegas, but both parties expect the relationship to go on well beyond the exclusivity deal. Snakes & Ladders and Cops & Robbers are two of the more popular games that can be found at Sky Vegas.

«Our existing games are designed to offer the player a familiar and exciting gaming experience in the online environment,» said Paul Malt, Director of Games Design for Mazooma Interactive Games. «Where we differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market is that we have many years of experience and understand what motivates those playing our games.»

What motivates most players these days is accessibility. With mobile devices becoming a popular tool for online gamblers, online casinos and software providers have scurried to create applications that are compatible with the top mobile devices on the market. Apps have already been created for Blackberry and the iPhone.

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