Casino Possibility Has Central AR Reacting

LITTLE ROCK, AR— The thought of a casino possibly coming to Little Rock has people talking.

The Quapaw tribe, which operates Downstream Casino in Oklahoma, has bought property in Pulaski County near the airport and port authority.

Although the tribe, which has roots in Arkansas, has no plans to build right now, they are keeping the option on the table.

The tribe says it wants to concentrate on preserving its history before moving forward on any plan.

Michael Pakko, with the Institute for Economic Advancement, says casinos bring up concerns for some.

«The moral issues surrounding gambling always comes up when it comes to legislation surrounding gambling to take place in a particular state,» said Pakko.

But Pakko says there are clear advantages for Indian gaming, which generates 28 billion dollars a year nationwide.

«One of the reasons gaming has been such an attractive development is because you can’t gamble everywhere. So the locations that do have gaming attract visitors from outside the region and that’s what make it a profitable activity,» said Pakko.

People who live and work nearby the property on Thibault road have different responses.

«I don’t want it because I live past it and I don’t want the traffic up and down the road,» said Shana Davis.

John Smith disagrees.

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