Casino has decided to hire bouncers dwarfs.

The largest casino in the UK has opened up job dwarf — bouncers . Reported by Orange News referring to the announcement of the hiring .

To work in a casino Hippodrome, located in Leicester Square in London, people are required height not exceeding 147 cm , whose responsibilities will include face-control and intervention in disputes with customers directly to the casino. The announcement was placed in the morning paper Metro.

Owner gambling establishment Simon Thomas explained that stunted people should make the work more casino entertainment . » Our casino is located in a building full of theatrical history , — he added. — Including presentation held here , attended by dwarfs . »

Thomas noted that the idea of ​​such a theatrical ideal casino status and expressed confidence that the future employees will not only become a spectacle for visitors, but will do their job perfectly .

Reservations Orange News calls placed ad highly controversial . This vacancy is designed only for a certain group of people , can cause resentment among people of small stature or those born with dwarfism . However, their comments have been received.

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