Caesars starts Mega Beat Progressive Poker

This past week, Caesars Entertainment announced the introduction of the Mega Beat Progressive Poker Jackpot to the Las Vegas poker market.
Seven Caesars Entertainment resorts – Harrah’s Las Vegas, The Quad Resort & Casino, Flamingo Las Vegas, Bally’s Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Caesars Palace and Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino – all began participating last Thursday with the jackpot starting at $200,000.
The progressive model allows the jackpot the potential to climb to more than $1 million, making it one of the largest promotional poker jackpots in the casino entertainment industry. This multi-casino promotion offers poker players of all skill levels the opportunity to play for a chance at life changing money.
The Mega Beat will award not only the losing and winning hands but all players actively participating in any of the eligible Caesars Entertainment poker rooms.
The jackpot is paid when a strong hand is shown down and loses to an even stronger one held by another player. For instance, if player A has a losing hand of quad fives and player B has a winning hand of quad sixes.
The winning and losing hands must be the participant’s best possible combination of five cards, which must include both of the hole cards (four of a kind must have pocket pair). The Bad Beat Jackpot is a progressive jackpot. When a jackpot is won, players will split the Mega Beat money as follows:
20 percent will be awarded to the Mega Beat hand (losing player);
10 percent goes to the winner of the hand;
The remaining 70 percent is equally divided as shares among all of the seated players on any Mega Beat Progressive Poker Jackpot eligible game at all eight linked properties. The winning and losing player of the hand will also get a share in addition to the prize listed.
The minimum losing Mega Beat Hand will start at four aces and, based on the size of the jackpot, the required hand will be lowered by one four of a kind ranking hand until the required hand is four deuces. In effect, the bigger the jackpot, the easier it becomes to hit the jackpot without any qualification requirements or tournaments.
When the jackpot is hit the required hand will revert back to four aces and reset at $200,000.

Between $200,000 and $300,000 (4) Aces (A’s) or higher loses
Between $300,001 and $400,000 (4) Kings (K’s) or higher loses
Between $400,001 and $500,000 (4) Queens (Q’s) or higher loses
Between $500,001 and $600,000 (4) Jacks (J’s) or higher loses
Between $600,001 and $700,000 (4) tens (10’s) or higher loses
Between $700,001 and $800,000 (4) nines (9’s) or higher loses
Between $800,001 and $900,000 (4) eights (8’s) or higher loses
Between $900,001 and $1,000,000 (4) sevens (7’s) or higher loses
Between $1,000,001 and $1,100,000 (4) Sixes (6’s) or higher loses
Between $1,100,001 and $1,200,000 (4) Fives (5’s) or higher loses
Between $1,200,001 and $1,300,000 (4) Fours (4’s) or higher loses
Between $1,300,001 and $1,400,000 (4) Three’s (3’s) or higher loses
$1,400,001 and higher (4) deuces (2’s) or higher loses

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