Caesars Entertainment’s mega beats keep hitting

Caesars Entertainment’s record-breaking mega beat progressive poker jackpot strikes again!
Recently 102 players in poker rooms across Las Vegas celebrated as a king high straight flush beat quad jacks inside the Quad Resort & Casino poker room.
This is the fourth time the jackpot has hit since its January launch and the first time it occurred at the Quad.
In what was one of the most exciting Texas hold’em hands, Micah Kreischer from Lexington, Ohio, had pocket jacks while Omar Abu-Eid from Las Vegas, had the king and queen of clubs. The flop came out jack, nine, two; all clubs.
Abu-Eid had a king high flush and made a $20 bet. Kreischer called. The turn was a 10 of clubs, giving Abu-Eid a king high straight flush. He bet $95; Kreischer called.
The river was the jack of diamonds, giving Kreischer quad jacks. Abu-Eid pushed his entire chip stack into the pot. Kreischer immediately called the all-in.
Both players showed their cards and the room erupted as Kreischer hit the jackpot.
The Jackpot awards not only the losing and winning hand but all players actively playing in any of the participating Caesars Entertainment poker rooms.
The 102 players in Harrah’s Las Vegas, The Quad, Flamingo, Bally’s, Planet Hollywood, Caesars Palace and Rio poker rooms split $727,770.
Kreischer, having the losing hand, won $150,599 and winner Abu-Eid took home $77,771 while all other players received $4,994 for simply playing in the right room at the right time.
WPT: The World Poker Tour and Galaxy Gaming announced an exclusive licensing agreement in conjunction with the launch of a new table game that both companies believe will enjoy widespread success: Heads Up Hold ‘Em.
“World Poker Tour and Galaxy Gaming are teaming up to provide an innovative and exciting product for the industry, and an in-demand game for millions of players all across the country and all around the world,” said Galaxy Gaming CEO Robert B. Saucier.
“We know WPT Heads Up Hold ‘Em is a winner, and we couldn’t be more proud to join with an undisputed global leader like World Poker Tour to put this product in front of casinos and players alike,” he added.
Both companies will appear together at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) later this month in Las Vegas to showcase, demonstrate, and promote the game. Celebrities from the WPT television show will be in attendance at the Galaxy Gaming booth on Tuesday, Sept.24, including WPT commentator Mike Sexton and the beautiful “Royal Flush Girls.”
Good luck, and may the “nuts” be with you!

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