Buy-in discounts at Saturday Scarlet Brigade Bingo

VACAVILLE—There will be lots of un and admission discounts at the Fairfield H.S. Scarlet Brigade Band Saturday night bingo session in May. Starting off on Saturday, May 3rd player who wear a sombrero hat, will receive a $5 discount off their admission purchase at both the evening and Late Night sessions.

On Saturday, May 10th, all players wearing a pair of mismatched shoes will again receive a $5 discount off their admission purchase at both the evening and Late Night sessions.

Players attending the Saturday, May 17th evening session will receive a free Speed letter X game with their paid admission. And at the Late Night session, all players will be given a set of Quickie Game sheets.

End of the month drawings for cash, free bingo and prizes will be held on Saturday, May 31st at both the evening and Late Night bingo sessions.

The progressive Bullseye Bingo free game jackpot has climbed to $1,600 at press time. When not won in 55 numbers or less, a consolation prize of $250 is guaranteed to be paid out.

The Saturday Scarlet Brigade Late Nite session follows each regular Saturday evening session. Players can purchase their buy-ins starting at 10:30 p.m. 12 regular games pay out $250 each to the winners and the three special Speed Quickie games also pay out $250 each to the winners.

The Saturday Late Night session admission starts at only $19 for a 12-on paper game pack. The first extra six-on game pack is available for only $5 each with all other extra packs sold for just $1 each. Players can also join in and play the Bonus Ball games for just one dollar. During the session, several admission ticket drawings will be held for spins on the Lucky Wheel. At press time the progressive jackpot amount was at $2,700. The Bingo Café is open for snacks and other goodies and there is always free coffee.

Bingo players may also get a Vaca Valley Bingo Hall Frequent Player card. The Frequent Player cards are free and good at each session played at the Vaca Valley Bingo hall. After bingo guests play ten sessions, at the 11th session, will receive a free Express II admission for the evening.

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