Borgata COO sees no threat from Internet gambling

The head of the Borgata Hotel/Casino in New Jersey says he does not believe Internet gambling will have a negative effect on attendance at Atlantic City’s brick and mortar properties. He based his opinion on a review of the company’s 20,000 online account holders and their visits to the casino.
In an interview last week with Matthew J. Belvedere of CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” Tom Ballance, president and chief operating officer of Borgata, said even though online gaming in New Jersey has exceeded expectations, the new activity does not present a threat to the casino’s regular operations.
“When we match up databases, the real majority of players who were playing online have not been to Borgata in well over a year. And the vast majority has made fewer than two trips in the past year. So, it’s a different customer,” he said.
He also contended “a different demographic for the online gambling, skews more male than the conventional brick-and-mortar customer.”


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